Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Need Something to Do Wednesday?

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No one likes a fence-sitter. And while Idaho isn't afraid to take wrong strong positions on things like taxes, and education and healthcare, the Gem State is still middle of the pack in one crucial area: obesity.

We're not a fat state, nor are we a particularly thin one. We're sitting in the relative middle of the pack. Odd, since Colorado is the thinnest state—because of its abundant outdoor activities—and Mississippi, Tennesee and Alabama, which make up the fattest states are rural, heavily agrarian, and full of tea-revelers with strong contingents of fundamentalist religion. Both extremes sound like Idaho. Yet here we are, Switzerland-like in our obesity-rates.

So today, I say it's time to pick a side. Either get with the program and order the 5-pound gargantuan burger down at The Ram, or register for a race of some sort.

It's not like there's a lack of them to choose from, no matter if you prefer to speed along on wheels or feet. This weekend alone, you can choose from the the Twilight Criterium, the Citysolve Urban Race, the Sierra Club foothills hike, or even the Idaho Rally Car Crown. Nearly every weekend there's a fun-run, or a criterium or a half-marathon or a hippety-hop race that you can get on board with.

And all those races, complete with registration info have been catalogued for you to easily browse through by your friendly neighborhood alt-weekly. Hint: That's us!

Just click on the calendar tab of and search rec. Or click here.

Boy, that sure is easy. So pick a side already. And if for some reason you feel the need to talk through your decision first, I'll be glad to help out. You can find me down at The Ram round quitting time taking a firm stand.

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