Thursday, August 19, 2010

When Is A Matador Not A Matador?

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The Matador, one of Boise's newest downtown eateries has four locations in other cities. But in Portland, where there are two, the restaurant goes by the name Casa Del Matador.

The Portland name distinguishes the high-end Tex-Mex tequila bar, from The Matador, one of Portland's most notorious dens of iniquity. The latter is so bold about its image that the advertising simply reads: "The Matador; bring a condom." Having whiled away many a glorious night there I can vouch that it should also say "bring your own clean glass."

Casa Del Matador would have worked great if not for two things. One, the corporate conception of the restaurant as simply The Matador continued everywhere except for the signage. And two, The Matador—now Casa Del Matador—is at roughly 20th and E. Burnside. The original Matador is at roughly 20th and W. Burnside. Both are colloquially described as "20th and Burnside."

The result has been a series of mistaken identity cases in which fancy-pants meetings and business meals would be booked for Casa Del Matador at 20th and Burnside, but for which smartly-dressed and fresh-faced attendees would arrive at The Matador, shifting around uncomfortably and trying not to touch anything as they hurriedly text messaged their friends on to find out just what the hell went wrong.

Further complicating things was Casa Del Matador's other Portland location in northwest Portland, which is only several blocks away from The Matador and which is often described as "The Matador in northwest." Guess how much that cleared things up.

Seeing as how Boise has no previously existing Matador, it shouldn't be a problem. Of course, considering the one-block difference between the Boise Pit and the Boise Pita Pit, we might not be out of the woods just yet.

The Matador opens on Friday, Aug. 20, at 215 N. Eighth St. It will serve Tex-Mex cuisine and a rumored 90 different tequilas. No need to bring your own clean glass.

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