Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bites and Booze at The Big LeBoise

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  • Click here for full schedule.

Saturday morning is a magical time when you wake up sweating and fully-dressed from the night before so you can totter into the loo and contemplate what you ate the night before. It's a good system.

But sadly, it's starting to get a bit played out. It's generally the same bathroom you end up in after going to the same bars. And it's always the same promise never to drink again that you make to yourself. Which is coincidentally the same one you break once Saturday night rolls around.

You gotta admit, the experience is getting a bit stale.

What the hangover needs is a rebranding, a way to "zazz" it up a bit. And BW has just the thing: A bloody mary contest. That's right, we paired up with Boise Pride and Bakon and 44 North vodkas to make hangovers fun, by seeing who can get rid of them the quickest, the tastiest and with the most flair.

Fifteen bars were in the preliminaries and the final two, Quinn's and The Piper Pub, will square off at our block party, The Big LeBoise, on Saturday, Aug. 28 to see whose mary is bloodiest.

Judging are Bingo Barnes. Doug Flanders, Josh from "The V", Fame Fifteen and Minerva Jayne. Drinking, will be you. And you. And you. And you. And most definitely you.

But hey, while we're on a roll of awesomeness, why stop with drinking? We say not to pass go and collect $200, but to go directly to sinking your teeth into some tasty vittles.

That's why there's also going to be chow from Willi B's, Kickin Chickin, the Boise Co-Op, City Peanut Shop and Ben and Jerry's.

Looks like Saturday morning just got a whole lot tastier.

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