Monday, August 30, 2010

Need Something to do Monday?

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Maybe it's a general feeling that as a society we've given technology too much control over our lives, Maybe it's because Zeus keeps knocking out electrical service, or maybe it's just from having seen "a few too many zombie films," but for whatever reasons apocalypse-style survival training is in right now. Camo is totally the new black.

However the major focus is on foraging food and shelter. And as a professional communicator, I can't help but notice that communication in a post-google-phone-calls era isn't a major focus. And while many would likely say, "so what?" I submit that without communication, your rag-tag band of survivors is isolated, cut off from potential aid or allies, as well as vulnerable to surprise attack from whatever you managed to survive. And while the two cups with a string you rigged up might work over short distances, for a genuine apocalypse, you need something with more oomph.

The answer is drums.

Drums were used to communicate orders on the battlefield before radios. They were used by tribal cultures in Africa and across the world to send messages and issue warnings. They're simple, effective and portable. They're also good cardio.

But what if you don't play drums? Well citizen, today you're in luck. Because Mondays you can swing by Barefoot Yoga Studio and take drop-in lessons in West African drumming from instructor Carolyn Failla.

And if for some unlikely reason the apocalypse you survive does come from zombies, with your new-skills you'll be prepared to divert their attack by making them dance.

The class starts at 7 p.m. and costs $10. Pleasant thumping.

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