Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Need Something to do Tuesday?

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A comedian named Tim Cornett once said that if there was one thing that we could be sure of about 9/11, it was that it would ultimately end up as a day in which mattresses would be sold at discount prices. "Never forget ... the savings!" Unsurprisingly, the more patriotic crowd didn't think it was funny when he said that a few years ago, and it seems highly likely that if you were to say it now—perhaps even as they were looking over the giant newspaper insert sale ads for this weekend—that their opinion won't have changed.

However, if you look to Florida where pastor and world-class dipshit Terry Jones is planning to stage a Qur'an burning rally on 9/11, all but the most blatant bigots would agree, discount mattresses are better.

So today, why not go a different route on Saturday, Sept. 11, and take part in a national day of service?

The Sierra Club will be organizing volunteers to spend the day restoring Kokanee salmon habitat along Grimes Creek near Centerville. I mention this today because you have to pre-register by Wednesday, Sept. 8 to go along. Volunteers will carpool to the site and lunch will be provided. At the end of the day, you get to feel good about yourself. And if you're really lucky, you might get a high-five from a salmon.

So call 'em up at 208-384-1023 and give it a shot. Cause as much as BW loves a good mattress sale, this seems like a better way to honor the occasion.

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