Friday, October 8, 2010

We Are Outta Here (For A Week).

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This edition of Boise Weekly went to press four days earlier than usual. And as of Monday, Oct. 11, about half of the Boise Weekly staff will be on vacation. Thing is, we’re a small company with an enormous workload.

The BW newsroom is going to be very quiet next week.
  • The BW newsroom is going to be very quiet next week.
A few people doing a lot of work means that vacation days just keeping accruing and we often find ourselves with months, in some cases, saved up at the end of the year. The vacation days continue to rack up, and when the first semi-slowish week emerges from beneath the chaos, we all scramble to be the first to request a week off.

When a half-dozen requests came in almost simultaneously for next week, rather than duke it out in the office Jell-O wresting pit over who would get to go and who would have to stay, we opted for the more civil—though slightly more insane—route: work really hard and fast a week in advance so that we could all take time off. This week was the real-world equivalent of hell week in college. We worked long and hard and long some more, but it’s a routine we’ve perfected after several years of shutting down the office during the holidays. So if you don't hear from us next week, it’s because we’ve run off to various corners of the Northwest, or because we’re sleeping late, or because we’re pretending like e-mail was never invented. That said, there are a few people holding down the fort in the newsroom, so both Cobweb and Citydesk will be on their regular schedules with several updates daily. And the sales department will be cranking at full speed, so, of course, we’re still happy to take your money and book you an ad.

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