Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Need Something to do Tuesday?

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What makes for a good cinematic story? While the box office often indicates "s@#$ blowing up," most literary scholars point to complex central characters, those whose actions and intentions are often clouded in internal and logical conflict. Such characters are all the more compelling when their depictions offer insight into historical or personal truths. And even more so when delivered by master storytellers.

By now, your eyes are probably rolling at the possibility of finding such a golden goose. But tonight, you've got the chance to see just such a film, as Boise State is hosting a screening of Che: Guerilla.

Guevera, a man arguably more famous as a t-shirt or an icon for the concept of revolution, than for his own actions is a fascinating character primed for literature. He gave up a life of wealth and privilege to fight for his principles, helping to liberate an oppressed people from the brutal legacy of European colonialism. In the process he tortured and murdered countless people and helped birth a regime in Cuba that is equally oppressive of different traits.

A story and character like this demand talent to be given its due credit. And Che: Guerilla, has it, with Steven Soderbergh directing and Benecio Del Toro in the title role.

But if for some reason, all that isn't enough for you, as it is a story about a revolution, there will also be plenty of "s@#$ blowing up" also.

The screening will be in the Boise State Student Union at 6 p.m. and is free.

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