Monday, November 15, 2010

Show, Don’t Tell. Using Videos…Because They Are Awesome

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chow_logo_smaller.jpg is great food website, specifically the Chow Tips section, a video linking site that shows cooks great tricks for everyday cooking tasks. It also offers gardening tips, chicken coop building instructions and much more for foodies.

Some especially great ones include:

Orange baked brownie— hollow out an orange and fill with brownie mix and bake. I actually made this one and it turned out great, the imparted flavor of the orange was a great combination with the sticky sweetness of the boxed brownies.

How to toss pizza dough—I have been doing this so wrong for so long.

How to pair beer with food—Good info for those who know basics and would like to work beer into the food experience.

How to wrap a dumpling —Learn how to wrap a dumpling.

How to measure rice portions with your fingers—I have been doing it this way for years and now finally someone has made a video legitimizing my method.

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