Thursday, November 18, 2010

Next Culinary Wave: Making My Own Baby Food

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My wife has made something clear: I am going to have to make baby food. Easy enough, right? Boil some veggies and drop them in the blender. Actually, making baby food is quite complicated.

First off boiling vegetables is not the most nutritious method of cooking. The vegetables should be steamed to retain more of their nutrients. Then when pureeing the vegetables, adding the liquid that they were steamed in, breast milk, formula or juice adds even more nutritive value.

Not my baby...
  • Not my baby...

However, don’t use carrot juice because it has too many nitrates. Oh, and don’t bother with asparagus, broccoli or cauliflower for a child younger than 10 months old or they will get uncomfortable gas. Don’t forget that potatoes are too starchy to give to a baby younger than 1-year-old. Wait ... Should I roast the vegetables to caramelize them, or will that just make my baby addicted to sugar? Rules, rules, rules. It's like I am learning how to cook for a whole new clientele.

The other problem that I am facing with baby food is consumption. Let’s say I buy a 3-pound butter nut squash to make baby food. The baby is only going to eat 1 ounce at a time, so I am going to be left with 48 orders of squash on my hands—a tad excessive.

The worst part about the whole baby food process is that baby food can not be seasoned. Damn! Salt and pepper are sacrosanct—they must go in everything I cook. Except baby food because apparently salt and pepper are hard on baby’s tummy. Leave it to an infant to not be able to appreciate seasoned food.

You would think I wouldn't be that intimidated by making a simple butternut squash puree, but this guy is no regular customer. This is my little baby, my son. I need to make this the best dish I have ever made—sans salt and pepper.

Randy King cries like a baby about making baby food. Click to follow Randy on Facebook.

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