Monday, November 22, 2010

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

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As a loyal Wall Street Journal subscriber for the past two years, I count on it as my source of worldwide breaking news, as well as sound financial advice. Naturally, I get frustrated with inconsistencies in said advice.

This weekend, I read an article entitled "Seven Smart Money Moves for the Holidays," which was all about responsible gift-giving on a budget. Juxtaposed online was a link to an interactive WSJ site entitled "The Not Last-Minute Gift Guide." Pictures of supposedly well-thought-out gifts are accompanied by descriptions and prices that seem to be the antithesis of practical and budget-conscious. For example, a custom-made bra by Jean Yu for $527. Seriously?

Wall Street Journal, you're letting me down. We'd be better off to take a clue from Oprah Winfrey's "Favorite Things" episode that aired last week. She came up with a fantastic list of items that she adores, many of which would be suitable for holiday gifts. And for the audience members who attended the show, the "favorite things" were very economical—Oprah gave each person in attendance one of each of her "favorite things." Granted, an Apple iPad, starting at $499, isn't inexpensive, but the Baker's Edge brownie pan, designed so that every single brownie has a crunchy edge, seems like a great idea for less than $35.

Whether you're shopping big, shopping small or you're shopping not at all, only 33 shopping days remain ...

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