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Junior Rocket Scientist at Practice NYE

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It's true that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And there's nothing wrong with a musical homage to those who inspire you. But it's also a somewhat frustrating truth that local musical heroes have a tendency to inadvertently hijack a region's sound through the power of their influence, often to the point of stagnation. Every new band and song is a chance to do something fresh, but so many bands don't take any chances.

It's hard to argue the Boise music scene isn't in a bit of a rut due to the success of Built to Spill.

That's why Junior Rocket Scientist's set at Radio Boise's Practice New Year's Party on Dec. 4 was such a breath of fresh air.

With verbed guitar riffs, synth lines and electric violin layered on top of dancy drum and bass riffs, the indie in their sound owed more to Bloc Party or The Rapture than it did to Built to Spill. Add in sci-fi themed vocals about cemeteries and zombies sung in the stuttering semi-psychotic wail of The Causey Way and it was a winning combo that fit well within the modern paradigm without blending into the background.

If the band had a shortcoming, it was their infancy, as it was clear that the band had not yet gained full confidence in their songs or performance, seeming a little wowed to be performing at all. But even with that hesitance, the band delivered a great sound and there's every reason to believe it will only improve with time.

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