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Getting Hot and Sweaty With Sumits Yoga

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Ready, set, sweat.

Maybe someday, this will be you.
  • Maybe someday, this will be you.
After a visit to Sumits Yoga, you'll be more drenched than if you'd gone over Niagra Falls in a barrel. But you'll also leave with the feel-good ache of a truly rigorous workout. Sumits yoga was developed by Sumit Banjeree, whose style is inspired by Bikram Choudbury of the famous Bikram's hot yoga.

The session began with simple instructions on the flow: four postures, ending in downward dog. The flow became a key sequence throughout the session, and was repeated in between various sets of warrior and eagle postures, as well as abdominal workouts and savasana. Not only does a session provide the limber, Gumby-like feeling of other yoga practices, but it's a real workout. The class was fast-paced, and moved through postures quickly and with the push-ups and abdominal work, it was better than a session with a personal trainer.

As with all yoga, Sumits advocates focus on breath and the mind. Hot yoga first-timers should expect to be soaked from the sweat and maybe feel a little claustrophobic. Ignore the urge to open a window, and breathe deep. The heat in the room may seem overwhelming at first, but you'll bend in ways you never thought possible and flush toxins out of your body. Instructor Tina Wilson summarized it perfectly when she said "It's like showering from the inside out."

Classes are available at various times during the week, so if you want your inside to be as clean as your outside, visit or call 208-344-9642 and get signed up.


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