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A Blood Red Moon
  • A Blood Red Moon
Last week, news broke about a 20-year study of a 44-year-old woman who, due to a missing amygdala (piece of her brain), literally has no fear. The research, published December 16 in the academic journal Current Biology, appears to confirm theories that the amygdala is the fear-generation center of the brain and further study may lead to more effective treatments for conditions like debilitating phobias and PTSD.

However it turned out that living without fear was not such a great thing. The research subject, S.M., reported nearly dying several times due to being unaware of the danger of picking up snakes and approaching knife-wielding strangers. Oopsie.

As big a scientific breakthrough as this may be for those with serious conditions, I can't help but "fear" that it may lead some to seek better living through chemistry. So tonight, before the market is bombarded with over-the-counter fear suppressants, why not go old school and conquer fear by facing the threat of werewolves.

Tonight, 'bout 9:33 p.m., the U.S. will be able to witness a full lunar eclipse. The Earth will entirely block light between the Sun and Moon, so that the light that reaches it will be filtered through the Earth's atmosphere, giving it a reddish-brown hue, also known as "a blood-red moon." A blood-red moon is always full, meaning werewolves are likely out and about. But according to werewolf lore, being dimmer, the blood red moon makes them weaker, meaning it's a better time to face your fear by challenging them to a kickboxing match.

The Weather Channel is predicting snow and temperatures in the 20sthis evening, so make sure to keep a healthy fear of frostbite and bundle up. In addition, a good thick parka will serve as padding from werewolf attacks.

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