Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How Do You Feel About Your Job Now?

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If you need a humbling moment today, check out careercast.com's list of the top 200 jobs of 2011, ranked by mid-level income, stress, working environment, physical demands and hiring outlook. According to the list—based on data from the U.S. Labor Department and the Census—you're sitting pretty if you happen to be a software engineer. Apparently being in high demand, having a physically untaxing job and being paid well are good things.

Historian (No. 8) and philosopher (No. 16) are good gigs if you can get them (but when was the last time one of your friends who majored in philosophy actually got a job in their field?). Even school principals (No. 40) and tax collectors (No. 43) managed to make the top 50.

We couldn't help but notice that newspaper reporter landed at No. 188, just above sailor and just below sheet metal worker and well below maid, correction officer and garbage collector. Apparently high stress, moderate work environment, mildly taxing physical demand, low earning potential and a -14.25 hiring outlook don't outweigh any perceived coolness factor.

I guess we'll have to take solace in the fact that we beat the No. 200 profession: roustabout. Check out the full breakdown here.

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