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Hot Combat Highlights In February Video-game Releases

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The second month of 2011 is shining with twos and threes—at least in terms of video-games and installments of licensed franchises from top publishers.

The big action kicks off on Tuesday, Feb. 15, when characters from the Marvel universe take on the iconic characters from the Capcom universe in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Both MvC3 and Killzone 3, which is out on Tuesday, Feb. 22, top the list of games hitting retail shelves this month, but as always, there is something for everyone, including Wii family-based sports titles with a twist like (Mario Sports Mix) and the continuation of adventures in the fantasy world of Antaloor (Two Worlds 2).

For those looking for massively multiplayer online action that does not involve superheroes or high-fantasy worlds, there is Test Drive Unlimited 2.

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Let's look at the long-awaited return to the arcade-style combat stylings of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3.

Whether you are a fan of the Capcom fighting series of games or a fan of the Marvel Universe—or both—MvC3 is a game that has been 10 years in the making. As with any game that combines the intellectual property of two iconic publishers, there were hurdles that had to be leaped for the third installment of the vaunted series to come to life.

Capcom unveiled some of the gameplay at its Captivate 2010 media preview show last year, but come Feb. 15, those with 360 and PS3 consoles will get the opportunity to fire up the game. The visuals are vibrant, the combat frenetic, and Capcom has some online multiplayer tourney action that is certain to please those who crave that element. Characters include, but are not limited to, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-man, Dead Pool, Dr. Doom, Hulk, Magneto, She-Hulk, Storm and Wolverine from Marvel. On the Capcom side you'll find Albert Wesker (Devil May Cry), Dante, Felicia (Darkstalkers), Morrigan Aensland, Nathan Spencer, Ryu, Trish (Devil May Cry), Viewtiful Joe and Zero (Mega Man X).

Mario Sports Mix, for the Wii, releases Monday, Feb. 7, and allows gamers to participate in basketball, volleyball, hockey and dodgeball. Of course, these are not straight-up renditions of the games, and these include power-ups, interesting venues and multiplayer action.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 drives onto retail shelves for the PC, PS3 and 360 on Tuesday, Feb. 8. This is a massively multiplayer online game that features a persistent world, customization of cars and characters and the ability to buy houses in the world to launch from when it’s time to race. The title was shown off at E3 in 2010 and the driving handled well, the graphics are first-rate and the races were challenging and entertaining.

Two Worlds II also releases on Tuesday, Feb. 8, for the PC, 360 and PS3. The first installment left a lot of questions dangling, and the second iteration attempts to answer many of those. The combat system has been refined and there are new regions of the world to explore.

Killzone 3 is an exclusive to the PlayStation 3 and picks up story threads from the second game. In this installment, Emperor Visari, the Helghast dictator, is dead but the world had been thrown into chaos with political scrambling for control. That means murder, infighting and some intense shooter gaming action. The game purports to feature a deep multiplayer experience on top of the single-player game.

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