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In 2010, scientists found a rare giant Palouse earthworm in North Idaho. The worms had been thought to be abundant in the 1800s but had become nearly mythical in their rarity. And the longer they were absent, the more their legend grew.

Palouse earthworms were rumored to be a meter long and to smell like lilies. Had they been absent a little longer, they likely would have breathed fire and grown long enough to rival Shai-Hulud.

But when they were found, they clocked in around 8 inches with no discernible smell. It was enough of a blow that comedian Stephen Colbert decried science's war on magical creatures.

But determined as they may be, scientists have yet to find a Sasquatch.

And don't think they haven't tried. Plaster casts. Trail cams. Oral histories gathered by anthropologists. Even Jane Goodall is on the case. But still, bupkis.

Well, tonight, if you're curious as to why science is powerful enough to track climate data back gazillions of years and make Justin Bieber famous, but it can't find one silly little Sasquatch, why not ask the experts?

Jeffrey Meldrum, author of Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science will be speaking about the mythological creature at the Sun Valley Center for the Arts, as part of SVCA's "Creatures" exhibit. Meldrum is an expert at the evolution of bi-pedal creatures and has taught at Duke and Northwestern universities, before taking up his current position at Idaho State University.

The lecture starts at 6:30 p.m. and is FREE.

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