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Furry Food Wars in Philadelphia

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Nickolas Galiatsatos, a pizza parlor owner in Philadelphia, hatched a plan to drive business to his restaurant. He decided to infest his competition's establishment with mice.

The new face of terrorism.
  • The new face of terrorism.

Galiatsatos slipped into the bathroom of Verona Pizzeria and slipped a paper bag containing live mice into the ceiling. According to reports, he walked right past two uniformed cops. He walked into the restroom with a bag and walked out of the restroom without it. Suspicious.

According to Verona co-owner Fanis Facas, after some "banging around in the bathroom," Galiatsatos came out and bought a bag of chips. Facas went into the bathroom and saw footprints on a toilet seat. Looking under a ceiling tile, he found the paper bag, which he gave to the two uniformed police officers.

The officers noticed Galiatsatos leaving another pizza restaurant across the street—he had left six mice in a trash can there. The officers arrested Galiatsatos.

The superintendent of police called it “food terrorism by mice."

"The defendant has had mice problems in his store," said the superintendent. "He felt the owners [of Verona] put mice in his store, so he was getting even with them."

Galiatsatos will be charged with criminal mischief, disorderly conduct, cruelty to animals and harassment.

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