Monday, March 21, 2011

Need Something to do Monday?

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Youtube is rife with low-res videos of bullies picking on the wrong person — like Australian youth Casey Heynes, who body-slammed another youth in self-defense after being repeatedly punched. The video caught the world's attention and went viral, and has been replayed on news programs across the world and become a new talking point in the war on bullying.

Many people have been supportive, saying it was about time Heynes stood up for himself and that others should do the same. They even gave him a nickname: Zangief Junior, after a character in the video game Street Fighter 2.

Child psychologist Dr. Susan Bartell, on the other hand, told the CBS Early Show that Heynes didn't take the right course of action and that adults in his life should have been alert to the warning signs. In the long run, Bartell is probably right. When going for a slam, you should always use your words.

So tonight, why not do exactly that?

The monthly Poetry Slam Delux starts tonight at Neurolux at 8 p.m. It's free to enter, meaning you can walk right in off the street and compete for the $50 prize. But if you'd prefer to watch, it's only $5.

Visit for more info.

[ Video is no longer available. ]

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