Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Keeping the Lone Star State's Pig Population Down

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When fate offered me an opportunity to redeem myself I took it.

I was unlucky enough to have gone on a search for a wild Idaho hog last December and found nothing—not a track, a pile of poo or even a smell that would indicate pigs were anywhere close.

To recover from this misfortune, I went hunting in Texas. I had posted a request on Facebook looking for a guide in Texas to take me hog hunting, and my cousin, who I had not seen in about 10 years, asked if I would like to go on her boyfriend's hunting lease. With the power of Facebook, I reconnected with an old family member and got to go hunting.

If Idahoans think that hogs are a problem in our state, we need to consider the issues that Texas is having with them. According to a recent story in Boise Weekly, Idaho is home to roughly 50 to 100 wild pigs. Texas' numbers are closer to 1.5 million.

In Texas, I was presented with four shots at the little rototillers with hooves. The first two shots happened in the morning and I completely missed the animals at about 250 yards. Later that night, the pigs returned to the feeder and I killed two for the freezer at about 200 yards. I successfully removed .000000133 percent of the pigs from the state of Texas.

Two down...
  • Two down...

In the words of my almost cousin-in-law John, “The only good pig in Texas is a dead pig.”

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