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Slim Pickings For Video Games in April

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Patapon 3, exclusive for PSP
  • Patapon 3, exclusive for PSP

Ebb and flow … ebb and flow … After a couple of hot months rife with video games worth their price tag, April is coming in like a lamb. There are some games releasing, even a few top-tier titles, but they are not plentiful this month.

The middle of April is key, with SEGA's sequel to The Conduit—aptly entitled Conduit 2—hitting retail shelves. But while this Wii exclusive might have a few selling points on that platform, the storyline is far from original or evocative: It's the typical alien invasion ploy, with last-stand implications. Not much original here, it seems, though the game does have both online and offline co-op play available so you can run and gun with friends through the invading horde.

Mid-April—Tuesday, April 19, to be precise—does have some zing to it, though, when Sony Computer Entertainment America launches SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs for the PlayStation 3. This was a title that was teased at E3 in 2010 (see the video below), and uses the PS3 controller—the MOVE—to target. The MOVE is a wand-like device that allows players to point at the screen and use the buttons. That means no more fumbling with targeting on the SIXAXIS controller—this is point and shoot. It doesn't hurt the title that Zipper Interactive, the development team that started it all, is back on the job and has revamped the game from the ground up.

The game's setting takes place in Southeast Asia, where a revolutionary army has taken over a country bordering waterways vital to world economic trade routes. Players take a small force, drop in and try to take out the bad guys inside a set time frame. SOCOM 4 has an online component for up to 32 players.

There are offerings for every platform, including one exclusive to the PSP: Patapon 3 is a worthy musical rhythm game that has a great deal of charm. It launches today.

With April's video games coming in so lamb-like, here's hoping May's releases take a cue from the lions.

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