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Need Something To To Wednesday?

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Though we here at Need Something To Do Today have frequently discussed humanity's inevitable demise at the hands of robots, we do it at least half-jokingly. However, Boise Weekly recently got not one, but two press releases regarding the apocalypse, which apparently means it's officially on.

Hi! My name is Eliza Anderson from San Jose California. I'm writing regarding the approaching Judgment Day on May 21, it's about 8 days from now. There will be a worldwide earthquake, so powerful that you can ever imagine. Many people will die and at the same time, the rapture will also be taking place. Those who will be left behind after May 21, will suffer the 5 months of torment until October 21, 2011, the day when God will destroy the Earth.

My name is Rica Luga from California, USA. I'm writing to inform you about the May 21, 2011 Judgment Day happening in 7 days. An earthquake all over the world will kill many people and the rapture of God's elect will also take place. The survivors on that day will suffer the 5 months of torment. This will go on until October 21 of this year, the day when God will totally destroy the Earth.

Ignoring that these both came in the same day, and yet say it will happen in both seven and eight days, and ignoring that they're obviously something of cut-and-paste jobs, and ignoring the foolish idea that the world will end because of earthquakes instead of robots, this "event" presents Something-To-Do-Today-ers with the chance to choose optimism or pessimism.

For the optimists, confident there will still be a world on May 22, and that we should do what we can to make it a better place, there will be a presentation from author Mia Birk on the positive results seen when communities shape themselves to be more bicycle-friendly. The presentation, part of Boise Bike Week, will be at 6 p.m. at City Hall and is free.

For pessimists, convinced the world won't disappear but will instead become a giant pile of shit they'll have to wade through, there will be a class on outdoor survival at Sierra Trading Post taught by Brian Wilkins. It runs from 5:30-7 p.m. and is free.

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