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Macho Man Randy Savage Memorial Haikus

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These were the Macho Man Randy Savage memorial "haikus" submitted via Facebook, web-comments and email after his death from a car accident last week.

The word "haikus" is in quotes, since some of them aren't haikus in the strictest sense—the format is five syllables, seven syllables, five syllables—but we decided to include them because they were submitted as "tribute." Note that tribute is also in quotes.

Any additional haikus may be submitted via the comment section below. Don't feel the need to keep them above the belt. Macho Man never did and that's part of what made him great. Oooooh yeeeeah!

Since this is about poetry, we also posted a song from Savage's 2003 rap album, called "Be a Man," a message directed at Hulk Hogan. Whether it's a response to his behavior in the ring, or this song from Hulk's album, BW doesn't know.

Sleep well, sweet Savage.

Boise Weekly
Sorry The Rock, But
Macho Man beats you hands down
The true people's champ

Meat on open range
Snap into a tree, ooh yeah!
Blame it on the heart

Boise Weekly
Wrestlers lacked style
Then you came along Randy S.
Hats and capes: macho!

Kelsey Jae Nunez
Funny Macho Man
Snap Into a Drug Binge! Rar!
I Liked Your Tight Shorts

Tony Armolea
Macho man ohhh yeah
A Slim Jim can you dig it
Flying elbow drop

Boise Weekly
Macho and Savage
Others scrambled to follow
An innovator

Autumn Brock
The ring is empty
Leopard print spandex retires
Three count & you're out

Clay Boyenger
Jesus is one pissed-off dude
He misses the Interlude
Rapture has begun.

Boise Weekly
Master of his craft
Pro wrestling innovator
A savage, macho man

Boise Weekly
Swollen elbows
Crazy eyes and giant guns
Savage, macho, foe

Brady Shobe
OOW YAAH !!! Macho Man Rules !!! We'll miss ya bud/I think I'll go snap into a slim jim !!!

Jason Robles
Macho Macho Man
I wanna be a Macho
Man Randy Savage

Joshua Wilkie
I watched wrestling back in the day
Little did I know this would be dude's demise
I thought he would choke and die on a Slim Jim... Oohhh yeeaahhh!

Joshua Wilkie
I just read the prior posts—people used the Slim Jim thing before me—ruined my joke—the joke about a dead guy—on a dead guy's memorial haiku thing—I'm an ass—deserved it...

Sarah Gardner
Macho madness no more
Childhood memories gone
We'll miss you, oooh yeeah!

Jacob Whittaker
Macho Man Savage
Dropping Elbows on Angels
No Heels in Heaven

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