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Boise Starts Chapter of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

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Last weekend, I got totally sucked into Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution on I know I’m a little late to the dinner party—the first season of Oliver’s show won a 2010 Emmy for Outstanding Reality Program—but seriously, it’s a freakin’ inspiring show. If, like me, you cringe every time Rachael Ray says, "E-V-O-O" or Gordon Ramsay throws a kitchen tantrum, this show’s for you.

On the first season, Oliver relocated to Huntington, W.V.—the fattest city in the country—to help raise awareness about the crap that is being fed to kids in public schools, and how that affects overall obesity rates. This season, he packed up shop and moved to Los Angeles, where he has been engaged in an uphill battle with the L.A. School District to allow him access to school kitchens. Oliver has also been working with a fast food restaurant owner to transform his menu so that it offers similarly priced, but far healthier burgers and shakes.

By filling a school bus with all the excess sugar that is consumed each week in chocolate milk, or demonstrating how beef that’s not fit for human consumption is rendered from the bone with ammonia and sold as hamburger meat, Oliver strives to raise awareness about the “foods” we put in our bodies, where they come from, and why they’re making us sick.

Boisean Angela Levesque is also a Food Revolution fan. She recently started a Boise chapter of the Food Revolution on Facebook. Here’s the group’s mission, according to a recent article posted on Northwest Food News:

We want to get people back into their kitchens, cooking whole, nutritious food with their families. The point of this community page is to give you the information and the tools you need to do that. We have a wealth of information, tips and recipes on the Boise chapter of the Food Revolution Facebook page, which is updated daily. This is a meant to be a community page; help us to connect our citizens with the local food movements here in Boise. Tell us about your events, share your recipes, ideas and let us know about what you are doing to create change. Inspired action breeds passion in others. We also hope to create enduring partnerships with other like-minded organizations within our community to bring our vision into fruition. Look for our upcoming events, including cooking classes and screenings of important food documentaries.

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