Monday, August 15, 2011

Need Something To Do Monday?

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A classic nightmare scenario is speaking in front of a room and discovering you're in your underwear. And while the pantsless portion of the dream is the thing generally cited as horrifying, dream analysis says that it's not nudity that scares people, so much as it's a symbol for being exposed and vulnerable. It's just another example of how terrified people are of speaking in public—colloquially cited as being more fearsome than death.

That fear, known as "glossophobia," inhibits personal confidence, school and job performance, socializing and more. Even our system of government is founded on the ability to effectively communicate your ideas on how society should be organized.

About the only thing more self-destructive to be afraid of would be oxygen.

So, today, why not do something about it?

While there are extensive series of therapy, self-help books, pills and college courses available to craft you into a first-rate pundit or raconteur, the best way to conquer fear is practice. So why not swing by Pioneer Toastmasters at Perkins Family Restaurant, 300 Broadway Ave., from 6-7:30 this evening.

Toastmasters is free every Monday, open to anyone who'd like to improve public speaking skills and can be a lot of fun. And unlike Fight Club, you are free to just watch.

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