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Gawker Ranks Idaho 21st Worst State in America

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Shit-talking Gossip blog Gawker has been running a series called "The Worst 50 States in America," based on the unscientific ramblings and knee-jerk reactions of its staff, who ranked every state from 1-10.

Yesterday, they got around to Idaho. And thanks to potatoes—way to dig deep and blow the lid off the story there, guys—and it being fun to say the word "Boise," according to Gawker, we're only the 21st worst.

From Gawker...

The mysterious potato state is America's most secretive, a place of mountains and valleys where few fear to tread.

The Good: Idaho is weird. That's a good thing! There are no major highways running North-South in Idaho, so if you're in Coeur d'Alene and need to get to Boise, it's gonna be a while. But that makes it interesting. Americans probably know the least about Idaho, maybe more than any other state, and you get the impression when you're there that that's how they like it. The state is also a beautiful one, rugged and big-skyed, full of great skiing and other outdoorsing. As small Western cities go, you could certainly do a lot worse than Boise. Which, if nothing else, is a really pleasing name to say. And, of course, where would any of us carb-chompers be without potatoes? We've Idaho (partly) to thank for those.

The Bad: Well, all that mystery and secrecy and isolationism? It creates some pretty weird people. Weirdest of all, of course, being ol' Wide Stance McGee. There's also the Sun Valley area, a beautiful place tragically overrun by insanely annoying celebrities. Also, that whole no North-South roads thing? A bit of a drag. Mostly though, Napoleon Dynamite is all Idaho's fault and that's nearly unforgivable.

For those easily confused by fancy words from the big city, "Wide Stance McGee" is Idaho's former U.S. Sen. and world-class punchline Larry Craig.

Not surprisingly, New York is not the worst state in America. Who Gawker likes least, however, remains to be seen.

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