Thursday, September 1, 2011

Need Something To Do Thursday?

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For today's edition, the headline really ought to be "Need Something to Eat Today," to which the answer—much like this guy's—is an obvious "yes."

Sorry, folks. But the word from biology is in, and you have to eat. Daily. And if you're going to be stuck with that sort of burden, you might as well do what you can to keep it from being a drag by eating things that are delicious.

But sometimes it's really effin' hard to pick one thing, especially when eating socially. Therein lies the genius behind the mall food court strategy: Dozens of options spread across nearly as many storefronts. Everyone can find something they want from one of them.

Well, they could if the fast-food franchises that populate mall food courts didn't make such an effort to include the flavors of corrugated cardboard and Tang into everything.

Portland, our neighborish to the West found a solution: food trucks. They allow chefs to try out new things cheaply, without fronting the cost of sit-down eateries, and they're easy to have congregate in places that aren't really being used for much else, like all the downtown vacant lots Boise has.

Boise has been having a bit of a food truck renaissance of late, but as of yet, they're all out doing their own thing. Today, that will change.

Tonight for First Thursday, there will be a Food Truck Rally, featuring local faves like the B29 Streatery, Archie's Place and more, at Fourth and Grove streets.

It runs from 5-10 p.m. and the rally—but not the food—is free.

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