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Harry Shearer Discusses The Big Uneasy

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Harry Shearer is a man of many talents. He does the voice of The Simpsons' Mr. Burns, he played Spinal Tap's bass player Derek Smalls in This Is Spinal Tap, and he is the host of the syndicated public radio show, Le Show. Shearer can now add documentarian to his resume.

Shearer will be in Boise on Monday, Sept. 12, to screen his new documentary, The Big Uneasy, a muckraking examination of the role of the Army Corps of Engineers in the catastrophic infrastructure failings responsible for the devastation in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. After the film, he will take questions from the audience.

Last week, Shearer took some time to talk with BW about the film, and to answer a few BW readers' questions as well.

The Big Uneasy will screen at The Flicks. Tickets are $12.

[ Video is no longer available. ]

Laurie Jeanne Castanier wanted to know what Shearer's favorite memories were of working with Abbot and Costello.

"Actually, Abbot was never there that day, so I just worked with Lou Costello. It was just one day [and] it was a very hot day. My memory is just, you know, we did the scene over and over again. There was nothing remarkable about it. It was just another day in my life as a child actor."

Rene Williams wanted to know, as one of the few people who has seen the unreleased Jerry Lewis film "The Day the Clown Cried," if he thought it would ever be released to the public.

"You know, I wouldn't bet against it. But I tend to doubt it. I think if it were going to be released, it probably would have been by now. I thought the time that it would have been most likely was right after Roberto Benigni won his Oscar for Life is Beautiful, a film with a similar theme, let's say. But you know, the sort of startling development that Jerry has been fired from his own telethon may mean that we're in for more surprises from Lewis."

Brook E. Smith wanted to know if he voted in the "Should Ned Flanders and Mrs. Krabappel stay together?" poll and if so, how did he vote?

Shearer said he didn't vote.

And John Dadabay wanted to know if Spinal Tap is "real?"

Unfortunately, that question came in after the interview, so we couldn't ask Shearer. But, if you ask us, we'd say it's a matter of philosophy that says a lot about you as a person.

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