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Need Something To Do Tuesday?

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One of the biggest things adulthood brings is an understanding that the activities denigrated in childhood were usually pretty awesome and that they lead to even more awesome things later in life. Model rocket club? Awesome. You get to be an astronaut. Debate team? Congrats, you get to be a senator. Band? You get to be a rock star. But play football and you're more likely to end up like Al Bundy than you are playing in the NFL.

Dorks are picked on by the "popular," because in their bitter little hearts, the popular know they're lame and need to cut the awesome matheletes down to size now before they all end up working for them later.

High on that list of things denigrated is playing the tuba. It's a fabulous instrument that really ties an orchestra together and makes sounds from soothing to savage. There's nothing quite like the comforting rumble of tubas in unison or the percussive blasts they dish out when cranking up the beat. But dang near any kid who played one was labeled "that fat kid with acne," even when they were none of the above.

So today, why not celebrate adulthood by celebrating the tuba?

Stop by the Morrison Center Recital Hall at Boise State and catch Octubafest, when the Boise State Tuba Ensemble and the Faculty Brass Quintet will be joined by public-school tuba and euphonium players for a special performance.

The show starts at 7 p.m. and is free.

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