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Neon Indian Attacks the Reef

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On Friday night electronic music fans flooded the Reef for a three-course spread of Purity Ring, Com Truise and Neon Indian.

Purity Ring kicked things off around 10 p.m. with a short but striking set of experimental future pop. The stage was draped in curtains with a modest light setup and a perched bass drum to provide a colorful ambiance for the band’s huge beats. Megan James delivered a haunting vocal performance on top of Corin Roddick’s ferocious layers and textures. The music moved back and forth between soothing atmospherics to four-to-the-floor rave beats. James’ graceful, psychedelic dance moves provided the icing for the cake.

Com Truise took the stage to a hyped up, ready-to-dance audience and absolutely delivered. With the speakers cranked to 11, producer and designer Seth Haley crafted a stunning set of heavy beats and glo-fi textures. Haley built his compositions from the ground up, beginning with a catchy hook or two and then warping and contorting the lines into immersive, intoxicating crescendos. By the end of the set, there wasn’t a still body in the house.

Neon Indian took the stage at midnight. After the deliriously fun opening acts, the band had its work cut out. The venue was packed and the eager audience’s expectations were set on high. Nevertheless Alan Palomo and crew did not disappoint. The quintet took to a set of synth heavy, dance inducing chillwave compositions that launched into orbit with “Terminally Chill” and never looked back. The band moved back and forth between Psychic Chasms staples like “Deadbeat Summer” and “Ephemeral Artery,” to “Polish Girl” and “Future Sick” off of the recently released Era Extrana.

Palomo moved between his old-school synthesizers and lead singer duties. His solos on the keys were engrossing, and his dance moves were impeccable and stylish. The music rarely, if ever stopped; the band used the space between songs for improvisation and spacey segues. The nostalgic pop and tripped-out effects-driven sounds were punctuated by a bright, colorful light show. When the house lights came on after a spectacular encore of “Heart: Decay” that bled into “Should’ve Taken Acid With You,” it became apparent that the entire audience was grinning from ear to ear.

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