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Diablo 3: Old-style But Good Old-Fashioned Fun

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For those who have been around the gaming block a time or two, the franchise of Diablo is certainly familiar. For those who don't know it: Diablo was an isometric (which means the view was from the top but from a bit of an angle), dungeon-crawling, hack 'n' slash bit of gaming that was addicting as well as challenging.

Monsters were hacked up in a most satisfying manner, there were plenty of drops and treasures to find, and Blizzard (the company behind the title) even set up its online servers for cooperative gaming. Truly, those were some golden days in gaming.

After Diablo II, there was a host of wannabe games that sought to recapture the joy and glory (maybe gory glory) of the title but few came close. Well, coming to a PC (maybe a Mac) near you, purportedly in 2012, is the next attempt, but this time, there are some serious wrinkles that all but guarantee that this Diablo clone is the real deal. In fact, it has to be—simply because it is Diablo III, from Blizzard.

There had been some reports that D3 would be a massively multi-player online game but that's not the case. In fact, D3 is vintage Diablo from the isometric viewpoint with the hordes of monsters just aching to be slaughtered, challenging bosses, and a lot of loot to uncover.

The graphics are updated, but the game has a very dark vibe to it. Undead are all over the place, the tale evolves and draws in the player. There are new classes to play, including the demon hunter, a monk, a witch doctor, as well as the mage and barbarian. is along for the ride and players can set it up for drop-in cooperative gaming or make it a private affair.

In many regards, D3 is shaping up as a retro bit of gaming, but honestly—and since opinions count when talking about games—it's a title that is not only long overdue but a welcomed bit of gaming. Trust Blizzard to do it up right and keeping that D3 is close to the formula, how can it not help but be a wonderful piece of dungeon-crawling adventure.

The game is currently in a closed beta with only a small bit of the story available, but even the smallest taste can whet the appetite for much more.

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