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Christopher Hitchens Memorial Haikus

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As one of the so-called Four Horsemen to the Apocalypse—who was voted one of the world's top intellectuals in Foreign Policy—Christopher Hitchens wasn't fond of subtlety.

A longtime columnist for magazines like The Nation, The Atlantic and Vanity Fair, Hitchens penned articles and books on subjects like "Why Women Aren't Funny" and the many flaws of Mother Teresa. He took every possible opportunity to rail against religion and even had himself waterboarded. His 2007 book, God is Not Great, reached No. 1 on The New York Times Bestseller list and No. 2 on Amazon, just behind the final Harry Potter book, which he also took tackled in a review.

He even took himself to task in his memoir, Hitch-22.

Hitchens died of complications from esophageal cancer on Dec. 15. He was 62 years old.

As is BW's tradition with notable deaths, we reached out to our staff and readers for memorial haikus. This is what was offered. Any additional haikus may be submitted in the comments below.

Boise Weekly
No one was immune
Not even Ma Teresa
Hitch was the best dick

Daniel Burton

Hitchslap on the hind
to train dogma owners 'sit'
for their moral treats

Boise Weekly
Hitchens did say that
Religion poisons everything
Was that how he died?

Joel Wayne
It may seem backward
like toasting a man who shuns drink
but god bless The Hitch.

Boise Weekly

A god to the godless
A pain to the paradigm
A rascal to all

Rob Christensen
We live, we die, too
Election of discontent
Discourse failed us all.

Boise Weekly

Women aren't funny
You wrote in Vanity Fair
They got the last laugh

Jeff Glyn-Jones

Kim Rideout
Arrogant Bastard.
Let me hold your scotch for you.
We'll miss you, Hitch. Cheers.

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