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Go Forth and Get 'Barbolaked' at Liquid Laughs

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Vicki Barbolak, the resident comedian at Liquid Laughs this week, was awarded the title of "America's Funniest Mom," from Nick at Nite, and a hefty cash prize to go with it.

But it didn't take more than a minute of her act on Feb. 9, and her slurred modeling of the "whore dress" she picked up that afternoon in Nampa, to see that she—in her words—"conned them pretty good."

Her act covered topics like her resemblance to a drag queen, America's need for a diet pill that causes you lose weight and shit renewable energy for cars, and her apolitical desire to bed President "Obama-licious," but her fear that his skinniness would cause him to suddenly vanish. Where? You do the math.

It was all good material, without a doubt. But in both the comedy and late-night pizza industries, it's the delivery that really counts. And that's where Barbolak owned the stage. The tone and manner of Barbolak's half-drunk, trailer-nasty sexual hunger bordered on sinister. Like when she said she "just wanted to eat you up," she might actually do it, and then black the whole affair out like one of her myriad marriages. Nearly every movement brought on a wave of laughter—even the way she held her cocktail was hysterical.

Last night's performance made it difficult to imagine Barbolak clad in leopard-print stretch pants and a bouffant wig, performing at the funeral of a holocaust survivor—something she did and detailed in I Killed, a book that collects comic's road stories.

Needless to say, the audience was totally unprepared for the full-scale comic onslaught of what they might have expected to be a vanilla family show.

Barbolak will be performing at Liquid Laughs through Sunday, Feb. 12, with Reno comic Alyssa Cowan opening and Boise's Ryan Noack emceeing. Advance tickets are available online, and whatever is left will be sold at the door.

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