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25 Days of Treefort: Matthewdavid

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Cover art for Matthewdavid's new album, Jewelry.
  • Felix Jackson Jr.
  • Cover art for Matthewdavid's new album, Jewelry.

Los Angeles-based artist Matthewdavid (Matthew McQueen) is a young beatmaker who turns out patchwork collages filled with warm sounds, patient beats and lots of soul. His music is recognizably hip-hop influenced with hints of English dubstep, funk, jungle and glitch. Matthewdavid travels through genres left and right, combining them all into one smooth tapestry.

Pitchfork reviewed Matthewdavids’ brand new album March12, Jewelry, saying:

“Like Flying Lotus, McQueen's music can trigger out-of-body reactions, thanks to irreverent sampling, Ritalin-deprived drum programming and, more so in McQueen's case, texturizing that forces a quirky club track to sound unknowingly dosed ("Pendant (Remix for Dynoo)") or a weightless, spatial dream palette ("Rolex (RFTW Flip)") to feel chillingly arid.”

Jewelry is available for free download at the Leaving Records website here.

Matthewdavid’s debut record, Outmind, was released last year. And while it’s clear that both albums are from the same artist, Jewelry feels more cohesive and deep, like the work of a budding career musician rather than a kid in his parent’s basement.

At Treefort Music Fest, Matthewdavid is sandwiched between Mozam and Sun Araw Band, playing on Friday, March 23 at the Linen Building from 10-10:40 p.m. So if you enjoy blissing out to warm, ambient electronic beats make sure to plant yourself front and center for a mind-bending Friday night.

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