Thursday, March 22, 2012

Treefort: Protected by Falcons and Armed with Death Beams

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Buffalo Death Beam rocking some wicked bassoon at the Linen Building.
  • Josh Gross
  • Buffalo Death Beam rocking some wicked bassoon at the Linen Building.

Boise band Grand Falconer opened Treefort at The Linen Building on Thursday, March 22 to a house packed to the gills, with the exception of the mysteriously empty space directly in front of the stage, what Sea World would call "the splash zone."

The relatively new indie-folk band crooned out the oozanaahs with all the gumption it could muster, offering up a new song and ending up positively aglow from the volume of cheers thrown back in response.

"I think I am really digging this Treefort thing," the lead singer sheepishly announced into the mic.

"I think I am really digging that cello," an audience member shouted back.

The sun had yet to go down.

Pullman, Wash. Americana/gothic rockers Buffalo Death Beam was up next. The band paired rootsy instrumentation with gloomy guitar riffs and drum lines that moved seamlessly between gentle rolls and and percussion to thundering beats that turned the acoustic guitar and violin riffs into driving rockers.

The songs were sprawling arrangements of vocal harmonies and drum builds that dodged the traditonal back-and-forth, verse-chorus-verse-chorus song structure of folk music altogether.

That was all highlighted by the smooth low-end hum of a bassoon, an instrument almost unheard of in rock music. But when you start off by calling your band Buffalo Death Beam, clearly, you can do whatever the heck you want.

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