Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Wire's Benjamin Busch Will Read From His Memoir Tonight

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We all hold onto certain elements of our childhood—from our memories to our dreams to our ideas of what life is about. In his new memoir, Dust to Dust, actor, veteran and author Benjamin Busch invites readers to dig into their childhoods.

“Childhood is still very present in us,” said Busch. “It’s a book designed to take readers home, even though it’s my memoir. There’s a whole relationship to home that everyone has a sense for, and this book reminds people very much of where they began. It gives them a way of looking at where they’ve gone.”

Bush is perhaps most famous for his portrayal of Anthony Colicchio on HBO's The Wire. Today at 7 p.m., he will visit Hyde Park Books to read and sign copies of his book.

According to Busch, Dust to Dust is no typical memoir. In the book, he uses his own experiences to explore beginnings and ends, as well as the sometimes-blurred lines between the two.

“It goes after the biggest stuff there is,” he said. “Our relationship to nature. The cycles of this life. It goes after mortality.”

Writing Dust to Dust was a cathartic experience for Busch, who completed two tours in Iraq and experienced the death of his parents.

“I hadn’t really examined my perspective, but I had to,” said Busch. “It took the loss of my parents to be truly confronted with an end of certain beliefs from childhood. A child never thinks it’s going to happen.”

Busch hopes Dust to Dust can help others rediscover their own beginnings and ends.

“We don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the past. We don’t go into it very deeply or spend time there," said Busch. "In order to write this book, I did. I hope it moves people into their own memories.”

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