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Community Day: A Collaboration of Color, Movement and Soundsuits

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A Nick Cave Soundsuit in Action
  • Amy Merrill
  • A Nick Cave Soundsuit in action during the Boise
    Art Museum's Community Day on June 2.

Community Day at Boise Art Museum on June 2, was nothing short of inspired. Starting with the incredible exhibit Meet Me at the Center of the Earth by Nick Cave, guests were greeted with bold colors, unique materials and hair—human hair.

The plaque greeting guests at the entrance of the gallery read: "You know it's hair but you don't know where it comes from. It's seductive but also a bit scary."

The exhibit features roughly 40 sculptures, varying in size and medium, called Soundsuits. The majority of the materials used to create the suits are recycled goods such as buttons, sequins and doilies. Others are comprised of human hair dyed bright and intoxicating colors.

Many of the soundsuits are wearable but some of the crowd pleasers include animal and hair suits. One in particular resembled a giant polar bear with sweaters stretched to cover its enormous length. Seated atop the beast, facing backward, was a figure somewhat resembling a human covered completely in green hair, but instead of a head, there was a gaping opening with knitted red and black yarn covering the interior.

Cave encourages people to re-examine life, the treatment of the earth and of all people, a philosophy that BAM encouraged local artists to emulate through the creation of 34 unique soundsticks contributed by area artists.

"Nick Cave's style is so bright, colorful and full of movement, and I really wanted to emulated all of that excitement that goes on with his work," said Tamara Coatsworth, one local contributing artist. "His pieces are so lyrical."

The soundsticks will remain on display on the exterior of BAM until Friday, Aug. 31, and Nick Cave's exhibit will remain on display through Sunday, Nov. 4.

Local Artist Tamara Coatsworths Soundstick
  • Amy Merrill
  • Local artist Tamara Coatsworth's Soundstick.

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