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Best Responses to the Nickelback Kerfuffle

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In the past day, I have been told that I am a genius, a king amongst men and a hack that could be easily outdone by a one-armed cat. I should alternately win the Pulitzer and forcibly insert 45 pickles into my bum. There has been little middle ground.


Because I had the audacity to point out that seeing Canadian "rock" band Nickelback at the Idaho Center may not be the best use of one's $45.

Considering that the band is one of the most reviled groups on the global stage, and that mocking it has spawned numerous Internet memes, it hardly seems a controversial statement. And yet a camera-phone photo of the print review went viral. And when it did, people felt compelled to contact me to tell me I was their hero, that I had forever ruined live music in Boise because no band would ever risk coming here again, and that bands now wanted to come here because it was clear BW's music coverage had integrity.

The f$&@ing Poynter Institute for journalism even emailed me with an interview request about this circus.

Why people care so intensely is a mystery to me. So, I've pasted some of the best of the nearly 200 responses after the jump, uncorrected for grammar or spelling because you should experience them in their raw form. When an answer to a direct question is appropriate, I inserted it in italics.'re seriosly a douche. It's easy to talk shit in an article huh? Sit back behind the pen? Nickelback gets more pussy in an hour than you will get in a lifetime. Unless your freakin Jimi Hendrix then who the heck are you to judge anyone's talent? Psychologically speaking...I can say with confidence that you ARE the quintessential "loser" kid from high school who still hates the "popular" kids and blames them for all of your loser whoas as an adult. No wonder you ended up a "journaist". Happens everytime. Your all the same. I would have taken your lunch money in school...everyday...just saying. Hey...great job being a "journalist".


Hi Josh,

I'd like to congratulate you on writing the the best preview I've ever seen and making our entire office laugh heartily.

I hope to get an equally witty and hilarious preview for one of my clients from you soon


Hi Josh,

My buddy just sent me the write up you did on Nickleback and being a Canadian I couldn't agree more. I'm also a journalist and freelance writer so its even better to see that the editor let that one slip through.

I provide SEO content for Manwin maybe if you're in the need for a contact on the inside let me know, we're the people behind Brazzers, Pornhub and



My editors didn't let it slip through, they told me to write it.


you call the shit you write reporting lmao, my cat could do better. your a hack face it.

This commenter actually wrote me multiple times via multiple Facebook pages. Most are variations on comparing my journalistic merits to those of his cat. When someone else chimed in pointing out his copy errors, he responded with misogynistic slurs.


Josh, I'm a local music writer along the Gulf Coast for a daily paper. Interviewed the local bar bands up to the heavy hitters that come through our market and let me just say YOU ARE MY HERO. My paper is corporate and I love the work, but sometimes I just want to SCREAM about these bands. Some are really quite awful. Either way, you are THE BALLS, my friend. I'd buy you a beer if I didn't live nearly 2,500 miles away from Boise.


Josh Gross, you are a king walking among men for that Nickelback blurb you wrote. You managed to put to words the experience of hearing and seeing this awful band, an experience that most of us merely recoil in disgust from. Thank you for going into the belly of this particular beast and coming back with nothing but spleen.


With one 400 word article you did more to prevent bands from wanting to play Boise than anything else I've seen in my 18 years here. As a fan of live music, I am disappointed that I will have to continue to drive great distances to other cities to see the shows that I want to see. If you can manage to piss off Nickelback (the biggest sell outs in rock today) imagine how bands with integrity will feel about playing in a town where the local publications are prone to write negative stuff about them before they have even arrived and played their set. I hope you get to a place in life where you can see the harm that you've done here. side note: I have detested nickelback since I first heard them. while im typing this, I can't even think of a nickelback song. my response today is purely based on my shock that this is how you chose to represent our city. Not cool, bro

The article was around 180 words.

You, sir, deserve a Pulitzer Prize for this.

Made my day, it did.



Aren't you a self important swarmy son of a bitch? DO you even play an instrument? Have you ever written a song? I am not a fan of Nickelback in the least. I don't own any of their music. But you know what I like even less? People who take themselves and their big fish in a small pond job too seriously. Nothing wrong with not liking Nickelback, I don't like Nickelback. But to write the pretentious drivel that you wrote writing up the Nickelback show just shows you how very important you are in your own eyes. You are like every other hack writer in every other town who only listens to stuff that no one has ever heard before because you will never "sell out". I wonder what you will do when you grow up and move out of your mom's basement? Probably something even less important. Until then, you keep passing judgement on everyone that has sold more than 2 records coming through big bad Boise Idaho. Joker.

Answer: yes. I play guitar, bass, keys, drums, ukulele and accordion. I have a degee in sound engineering and have recorded around 15 albums of my own material. Currently, I am in four bands. If Nickelback asks very nicely, I might let it open for one of them. Also, my mom does not have a basement.


Your Nickelback review is ONLY hilarious in its jealousy. A out of shape, unattractive, wanna be musician and reporter HACK! You should take the 45 pickles and shove them up your jealous ass. Haters are always going to HATE on things they could never achieve. Your a LOSER and Im sure there are many nights you have cried yourself to sleep thinking about all the things in life you wish you could have done. :0)


Great article Josh. And I've gotta say as a touring musician who has never played Boise, I look forward to playing in your fine city at some point. There needs to be more honest writers like you out there. Sad to see some people look at what you wrote as a deterrent for bands to come thru your town. I see it as a big selling point knowing there's people with good ears there. Thanks Buddy.

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