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Bill Maher Tells Boise Weekly Why He Gave $1 Million to Obama

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In the Wednesday, Aug. 15, issue of Boise Weekly, we'll run a story on everybody's favorite pot-smoking atheist, comedian and TV host, Bill Maher, who will be performing in Boise Saturday, Aug. 18, at the Morrison Center. Well, he's everybody's favorite unless they hate him, as so many do, especially in politically conservative states like, oh, let's say Idaho.

Luckily, Maher takes it in stride and spoke to BW at length about why he likes performing in the red states he has made a career out of slamming. Another thing he spoke to BW about—and one there wasn't room to discuss in print—was his $1 million donation to President Barack Obama's re-election campaign.

I do have an agenda, and that's to get someone into office and to keep someone in office who's sane. We only get two choices in this country. If we had more, I might have acted differently and felt differently. But especially after watching the Republican primary season and seeing what these people were saying, including the one who emerged as the nominee, you get either Obama or the representative of the mental patient party. So there's my agenda. I don't want the representative of the mental patient party. The party that does not believe in global warming. The party that wants women to get vaginal ultrasounds when they go in for a checkup, whether they need it or not. I could go down a list of insane things that this party believes in now. And by the way, there are a lot of Republians that would feel the same way. Old-school Republicans. So I did have an agenda, and I hope my agenda bears fruit. And it's looking pretty good. Morgan Freeman gave $1 million dollars last week, and I heard that was somewhat inspired by what I did, and that's what I was hoping for, that people would follow suit.

Another thing Maher talked about was his role in the cult film Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death.

"It's a great memory," Maher said. "Spending the summer of 1988 in the jungles of San Bernardino with my shirt off amidst the cannibal women, I wouldn't trade that for 29 Emmys."

Twenty-nine, by the way, is the number of times Maher has been nominated for an Emmy and walked away empty handed. You can read about that and more in Wednesday's edition.

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