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Krystos Shoots Video and Shoots Down European Tour

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Video director Blake Bolton sets a mark for Krystos frontman Billy Thornock.
  • Josh Gross
  • Video director Blake Bolton sets a mark for Krystos frontman Billy Thornock.

Several dozen sweaty metal-heads milled around The Shredder Aug. 13, drinking PBR and being generally metalosexual. And while that's hardly noteworthy at The Shredder, lMonday night they were joined by some special guests: five Canon Rebel digital cameras trained on different angles of the stage, which was loaded with gear belonging to local thrash metal band Krystos.

"I'm nervous; way out of my comfort zone," said Krystos frontman Billy Thornock. "It's weird, like a real video with lip-synching and stuff. "

The band gathered its friends to shoot a video for the song "Blood Magick." Thornock said that the labels Krystos has been courting now want to see videos from bands, not just hear demos.

And that is something Krystos could use. The band just turned down a 42-date European tour offer partially because it did not have enough merch on hand to last through the trip.

Blake Bolton, the video's director, is an old friend of the band who regularly shoots skate videos. He told Boise Weekly that the finished video will consist solely of the simulated live show.

"There is no storyline," Bolton said. "I'd be down for that at some point, but tonight, it's just quick and simple."

Krystos leaves for a Northwest tour today, but Thornock said the band is hoping to have the video done shortly after it gets back. Expect Blood Magick to hit the Web in about a month, or see it live Sunday, Aug. 26, when the band returns to The Shredder to open for sci-fi metalistas and space-cake enthusiasts Vektor.

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