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John Waters Interview Leftovers

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John Waters will be in Boise on Friday, Dec. 7.
  • John Waters will be in Boise Friday, Dec. 7.

In Wednesday's issue, Boise Weekly will run an interview with legendary filmmaker John Waters, who is coming to Boise's Knitting Factory Friday, Dec. 7, to perform a one-man spoken-word show about how much he loves Christmas.

But the witty Waters had far more to say than would fit in a single print article, especially when it came to questions submitted by BW readers.

We've pasted some of his extra comments below.

Why did you let them remake Hairspray?

"What are you talking about 'let them'? I bought an apartment in San Francisco with that. I let them because New Line Cinema owned it. The Broadway show was a huge success. It's the most money I've ever made of anything I've ever done in my life. I was happy with what they did ... why wouldn't I want them to remake it? I've since been paid to write a sequel to both of them that never happened and a TV show that never happened. So let's keep it going. I want the ice show version of it, the children's animation of it. Hairspray, the X-rated parody: Hair Pie."

How does your show go over in ultraconservative environments?

"I get along with conservatives. I know Republicans. I have a Republican that works with me. I think the only way you can get people to listen to you is to get them to laugh. And I've been doing that my whole life.

I've played Colorado Springs a lot. And in Colorado Springs, I play at the museum, and they have always hoped that there would be a letter to the editor, furious that taxpayer money would fund it, because then the liberals would donate more money."

Would you ever make a movie using crowdfunding like Kickstarter?

"No, I'm not begging in public. I'm not against that, but I make movies the traditional way: people back them. I don't want to owe people money. You know, either it works or it doesn't.

I already got a develpment deal that paid very well to write Fruitcake [Waters' proposed Christmas film]. And then, New Line Cinema, who did many of my movies, the people I knew are no longer there. And then the recession happened and all the foreign deals fell through. I used to make movies with foreign money that were paid for before the movie even came out. And then that all fell through. There used to be 20 places I could go to pitch a movie, there's three now.

So it's radically changed, the way movies are distributed has changed. Everything has changed about it. I'm fine. I certainly won't shoot on film; I'll shoot digital if I have to. I'm reasonable about it.

At the same time, I'm booked for the next three and a half years. If someone said I had to make a movie, I don't know what I'd do."

You can read the rest of what Waters had to say, as well as learn more about A John Waters Christmas, in the Wednesday, Dec. 5, issue of Boise Weekly.

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