Friday, December 7, 2012

Blu Hairs Screw Up With Style at Grainey's

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Bluehairs can wear some mean rock and roll tight pants.

It's long been my philosophy as a music critic that it's far better to walk into a show blind, not knowing who is playing, so you don't expect a thing. That way, if something is less than thrilling you don't lose much. And if it's fantastic, it's even better.

The Thirst Fursday show from The C.O.T. in Tom Grainey's basement Dec. 6 was a good example of that philosophy working out well.

The band on the stage, Blu Hairs, was a new side project of members of The Gunfighters. Having zero expectations walking into that show was the best possible way to go, because it let the good and bad elements balance each other out.

Clearly, Blu Hairs have studied at the school of The Killers, with heavy disco-rock beats behind big rock and synth riffs, and furious lyrics with catchy vocal hooks. "If you find your knife is stuck in someone's back / pull it out, wipe it off and stick it back," went one singalong chorus.

However, it was clear that the band is still in its early stages. Several times, they announced that a particular song didn't yet have an ending, or lyrics, and then pushed on or randomly stopped. A big part of what made such haphazard arrangements work was the charisma of the singer, whose dry humor and deadpan stares powered through, oblivious. A single look said, "Hey, rock 'n' roll is supposed to suck a little, so fuck off already."

Foibles and all, Blu Hairs stood out as a promising new act worth keeping an eye on, if it gets its shit together anyhow. Well, hopefully, not too together.

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