Tuesday, January 8, 2013

All-Robot Band, Compressorhead, Plays Motorhead

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The drummer of all-robot group Compressorhead.
  • A picture of the drummer from the all-robot group, Compressorhead.

Few things irk humans more than watching machines do something a little too human. Thankfully, this video of the all-robot band Compressorhead skips the shivers and hits full-scale creepy.

Posted at Boing Boing, the video shows four robots rocking out to British metal band Motorhead's hit "Ace of Spades" on real instruments.

Not only does the guitarist bop its head like a real too-cool frontman, but the drummer at the far right has four arms smashing on cymbals and snares while its feet pound the pedals.

It's even creepier than San Francisco's Captured! by Robots, the band comprised of one human enslaved by machines to play in a rock band. Have a look at the future below.

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