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Treefort Q&A: Sun Blood Stories Prepares to Move up to the Big Stage

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This brave tamborine didnt survive Sun Blood Stories playing at Neurolux. They brought extra for Treefort.
  • Josh Gross
  • This brave tamborine didn't survive Sun Blood Stories playing at Neurolux. Luckily, the band brought extra for Treefort.

If it isn’t obvious by the deluge of coverage we give to the band, Boise Weekly is nuts for local blues-rockers Sun Blood Stories. The band’s Black Keys-style murder ballads and pagan-ritual-esque live show is Idaho rock 'n' roll at its finest.

Today, Sun Blood Stories will perform on the Treefort Main Stage at 1:15 p.m., which will be the biggest show to date for the group.

BW caught up with frontman Ben Kirby to ask how he feels about moving up in the world.

BW: This is the biggest official gig for your band, right?

Kirby: “Thus far, yeah.”

What does that mean for y’all?

“It means it’s going to be fun as hell. We’ve been practicing the requisite amount. But we all know on a very basic level, we know we’re going to own it.”

Do you have any plans on how to fill up the bigger stage?

“We’re going to be pretty close together and treat it like a smaller stage 'cause that’s what we know we can fill up. We don’t want to overextend ourselves.”

You have extra tambourines, right?

"Yes, extra tambourines; extra slides. We got all that shit."

And when will your new album, Electric Days, finally come out?

“It’s in the works. It’s having some production issues. I just assume now that if I think it will be a month, it will actually be three. The law of threes and all that.”

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