Thursday, May 9, 2013

WTF 208: Strange Videos From the Gem State

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If you ever want a window into the bizarreness of the human condition, set up a Google news alert on something. Anything.

Then just wait for the results to roll in and see what that particular search term means to different people worldwide.

At Boise Weekly, we have auto-feeds set up for terms like "Boise" and "Idaho," which brings no shortage of strange videos on YouTube to our attention.

For example, the two below that magically appeared in our inbox.

The first features footage of a combine rally in Nez Perce that is sort of like if the infamous game of tractor-chicken from Footloose were shot with a camera phone. The best part? The off-camera dialog.

"I can't believe how fast he's going," the first voice says. "They don't usually go that fast, do they?"

"No," the second voice says, as the giant combine tears around a corner. "But that's Giles. He's probably eight Pendletons [whiskey] in."

And then there's the second video, yet another in a stream of bizarre anti-vaccine conspiracies from Idaho's paranoia-handle.

This one warns against "medical martial law," to prevent an outbreak of bird flu. "Is this bio-fascism?" it asks with no irony whatsoever.

But it isn't the slippery connection with reality that makes the video so fascinating, it's the smooth jazz soundtrack.

We tagged it "viral video."

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