Friday, August 30, 2013

Need Something To Do Saturday?

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If you have the need for speed and frequently find yourself beneath the undercarriage of a vehicle (on purpose and for fun), there is a good chance you're a car lover. Cars take us places, and cool cars do it in style.

At the Idaho City Classic Car Show you can honor these machines of mobility on their special day as they glisten in the sunlight and you chow down on a hot dog while listening to some tunes. Don't forget the Turtle Wax.

10 a.m. FREE. Idaho City Chamber of Commerce, Idaho City,

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Need Something To Do Friday?

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Got a few extra dollars burning a hole in your pocket? Been watching Food Network? Hungry?

If you answered yes to any or all of those questions, you may be interested in what comes next. At Lights, Camera, Mangia! you can get your chef on as you learn to prepare scallion shortcakes, cod fillets and more. Bon appetit!

6 p.m. $55. Fuel For the Soul, LLC, 1941 N. 18th St., Boise,

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Need Something To Do Thursday?

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It is always enlightening to hear an author speak about their work. It is also empowering to hear a true story of someone overcoming adversity.

Join author Mike Medberry as he discusses his book On The Dark Side of the Moon: A Journey Toward Recovery. The work describes his experience of suffering a major stroke while hiking through Craters of the Moon National Monument.

7 p.m. FREE. Library! at Collister, 4724 W. State St., Boise,

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Need Something To Do Wednesday?

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Anxious to get into fall/winter mode? Have you been longingly watching your VHS copies of The Mighty Ducks and The Cutting Edge? Have a whole brood you need to entertain?

Check out Family Night at Idaho IceWorld. Admission is $5 per person and includes skate rentals. You've been waiting for your chance to show off that triple axel—this is your time to shine.

6:30 p.m. $5. Idaho IceWorld, 7072 S. Eisenman Rd., Boise,

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Need Something To Do Tuesday?

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Soon summer will come to a close and pools shut their gates along with it. You can enter autumn knowing you satisfied your urge to leap off the diving board and slither down slides in the name of fun. But what about Fido? While you were out having a blast, your dog sat enveloped in summer heat or bored on the couch (possibly watching Animal Planet, we'll never know).

Lucky for you, there's an opportunity to ease that guilt. At See Spot Splash, your pup can scamper down to the Natatorium, get off the leash and take a dip. Fifty dogs per hour are allowed—sessions start at 3 p.m. through 7 p.m. If you're unfamiliar with the dog-paddle technique, bring a notepad.

3 p.m. FREE. Donations accepted. The Natatorium, 1181 Warm Springs Ave., Boise.

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Monday, August 26, 2013

REVIEW: True Story enthralls with tales of love and loss

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(Left to right) Krystal Moore, Eric Valentine, Abigail Skykes, Chris Callor, Anderson Mitchell, Tehya Fencik and Stephanie L'Hereux share tales and music at True Story's performance at the Sapphire Room. - BEN SCHULTZ
  • Ben Schultz
  • (Left to right) Krystal Moore, Eric Valentine, Abigail Skykes, Chris Callor, Anderson Mitchell, Tehya Fencik and Stephanie L'Hereux share tales and music at True Story's performance at the Sapphire Room.

Halfway through True Story’s set at the Sapphire Room on Friday, Aug. 23, Anderson Mitchell played a couple of solo acoustic numbers while the group’s other members took a break. When he stopped to tune his guitar, he made a joke about having a problem with the G-string.
“I’ve been hanging out too long with my buddy Eric, haven’t I?” he said with a smile.

The crowd didn’t seem to think so. One hundred and thirty-five people laughed, cried and cheered as writers Eric Valentine and Krystal Moore read stories that were by turns humorous and heartbreaking. Near the end of the set, Valentine, Moore and their bandmates—guitarist/vocalist Mitchell, vocalists Tehya Fencik and Abigail Sykes, cellist Stephanie L’Hereux and percussionist Chris Callor—received a standing ovation.

This wasn’t the only standing ovation that this group had received from the Idaho Songwriters Association. The first came last November, when Mitchell, Valentine and Fencik played at a songwriters forum. That performance marked the debut of True Story, a unique project that combines Valentine and Moore’s nonfiction short stories with Mitchell’s songs.

This night’s show began with a set from Mt. Joy, a.k.a. Aaron Christensen. Near the start of his set, the young singer-songwriter asked the crowd to forgive him if he played any sour notes, explaining that he’d gotten into a car accident a couple of days prior. His simple finger-picking never faltered, however. Not only that, his breathy vocals, well-groomed folk tunes and clever, detailed lyrics would’ve sounded impressive coming from a musician twice his age.

True Story followed with a set that was split into two parts. The first featured lighter, funnier pieces such as Valentine’s “Choose Life,” a recounting of a date that he’d had with an amputee. The set’s second half featured more intense material, including Moore’s “Heartbreaker,” a reminiscence of a friend and ex-fiancé who killed himself after being wounded in Iraq.

Throughout, Valentine and Moore’s meditative, compassionate tales found sympathetic support in L’Hereux’s moaning cello, Callor’s gentle tabla and the haunting harmonies of Mitchell, Fencik and Sykes (ISA founder Steve Eaton also played harmonica on a few numbers). While the songs and the stories could have stood alone—Valentine said that he and Mitchell work on their material independently—they took on greater resonance when paired together.

While True Story’s pieces were uniformly excellent, the set’s clear highlight was “Beautiful.” Audience members sniffled and wiped tears from their eyes as Valentine told the story of his first wife’s illness and death.

“I’m crying because it’s beautiful,” Moore read at one point.

“It is beautiful, isn’t it?” Valentine responded. And it was.
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Need Something To Do Monday?

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The Boise River majestically flows through our city and provides us with beauty, wildlife and something to float on in the summer. It provides plenty of opportunities to take, but now you have a chance to give back.

The Boise River Sweep, where citizens can help clean up litter and keep the river pristine, takes place Sept. 14. If you want in on the action you'll need to preregister prior to Sept. 1. Help keep the river clean, and make some friends while doing it.

Ongoing through Sept. 1. FREE. To register visit

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Need Something To Do Sunday?

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Dudes? Treasure maps? Beer? Creatures? Adventure? If these things sound interesting to you, brace yourself, this is going to be a good day.

Locals Chad Shohet and Dakotah Brown have written a play that includes the aforementioned and much more with Every Man Shift (For All the Rest). Anything that attempts to merge fantasy with a buddy comedy will almost certainly entertain.

4 p.m. and 8 p.m. $5. Red Room Tavern, 1519 W. Main St.,

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Need Something To Do Saturday?

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Bugs thrive during the summer months. They invade picnics, creep inside houses and tickle your leg while you're trying to sit still at your cousin's outdoor wedding. They come in waves of impossible numbers--resistance is futile. Well, you know what they say: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Join Idaho Botanical Garden's Bug Day to do just that. Featuring bug bingo, insect Olympics, edible insects and more, this party will both thrill you and fill you with useful information about various creepy critters. Bug out!

9 a.m. $4-$8. Idaho Botanical Garden, 2355 Old Penitentiary Rd., Boise,

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hot Dog Sandwich Headquarters to Close Its Door

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Hot Dog Sandwich Headquarters is going out of business. According to a Facebook post, the comic book and record store, which was also home to the Hot Dog Sandwich rock band, has been unable to pay rent at its 3115 W. State Street location.

The owners have until Monday, Sept. 30, to leave the premises. A going-away party is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 14.

Though Hot Dog Sandwich Headquarters was in business for just a year and four months, it became a fixture of Boise's punk and metal music scenes. According to co-owner Steff Bell, that doesn't mean Boise has seen the last of Hot Dog Sandwich.

"The band will continue to do special events and shows. We'll have a presence in the rock scene," she said. "We'll still have a presence in the community, for sure."

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