Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Drop-Kicker Dissects Tech Claims of Crowdfunded Projects

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People often look to reviews to determine what to eat, what to wear, what to watch and what cool gadgets to buy. With crowdfunded projects, those gadgets usually don't exist yet—some aren't even in a prototype or alpha phase. Potential funders are ultimately paying for a promise. 

is a blog dedicated to digging deeper into the technology claims made by some project creators who are hoping to raise capital through crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter. Drop-Kicker doesn't come across as a sour-grapes retaliation blog started by a failed-to-get-funded whiner. The posts aren't snarky and blog authors ch00f and Occams Chainsaw appear open and willing to re-post comments both good and bad, as well as clarification by project creators. 

As stated on its About page, what Drop-Kicker.com provides is some much-needed "level-headed pessimism toward the crowd-funded movement" in order to hopefully help "improve its integrity and allow for it to flourish in the years to come."

For example, check out this Drop-Kicker post on an infared camera for the iPhone:

"Snooperscope infrared camera for iPhone apparently plagiarizes magazine from 1951 for no reason"

Pay special attention to the photo vs. video examples... - VIA KICKSTARTER
  • via Kickstarter
  • Pay special attention to the photo vs. video examples...

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