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James Franco Opens Another Door to "The Room"

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If you haven't seen The Room, you haven't seen what is universally agreed upon by many people who have as one of the worst movies ever. Those who have seen it would also agree, however, that it is possibly the best bad movie of all time as well. 

The Room—written by, directed by, financed by and starring Tommy Wiseau—has become a cult classic and since its 2003 release, and has caught the attention of journalists, film critics and actor/director/writer James Franco. On Feb. 7, announced that Franco's production company has optioned the rights to The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside the Room, a tell-all book co-written by Wiseau's Room co-star, Greg Sestero.

Below are a few links to more info on The Room, including the official movie website (which looks like it was also written, directed and financed by Wiseau)...

Franco's review of The Disaster Artist for 

Entertainment Weekly's 2008 look at The Room five years after its release.

CinemaSins' video "Everything Wrong With The Room in Eight Minutes or Less' (contains spoilers and is possibly NSFW).

Wiseau explains "the spoons." Wiseau doesn't really explain anything but you do get some insight into the man behind The Room (and behind the Geordi La Forge-esque glasses).

And last but not least, The Room official movie website, where you can buy a copy of the film and a print of the movie poster (below). Once you've entered the site, click on the candles for more info—but don't let yourself be hypnotized by Wiseau's glimmering eyeball.

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