Tuesday, July 8, 2014

We Don't Write About Kickstarter Campaigns, But... Potato Salad

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Boise Weekly doesn't write about Kickstarter campaigns. We have received so many email and phone invitations to report on or endorse them that it is now BW's explicit policy to disregard them. Sure, we'll write about the idea (if it's interesting enough) and the outcome (if it's successful enough), but the campaign itself: Nope. Never. Don't even ask.

But sometimes, things on the crowdfunding site get out of hand and it becomes impossible to ignore the absurdities it empowers. One of these things is Potato Salad, a campaign begun by Zack Danger Brown of Columbus, Ohio.

Potato Salad has so far raised nearly $40,000 of a $10 goal. That's since July 3. The campaign has until Saturday, Aug. 2, before its funding deadline.

For those unfamiliar with how Kickstarter works, here's the gist: Inventors, entrepreneurs, authors, etc., create projects that are posted on the Kickstarter website, promising "backers" various goodies based on the amount of money pledged. 

In the case of Potato Salad, backers who pledge $50 or more (66 at the time of this blog post) will receive a potato salad recipe book with recipes from each country represented by Potato Salad's backers, a bite of potato salad, a photo of Brown making the salad, a thank-you posted to a website—and Brown will say each backer's name while making the salad.

What's the Idaho connection, you ask? Brown has said he "only support[s] Idaho potatoes."

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