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Boise Contemporary Theater Announces 2014-15 Lineup

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Boise Contemporary Theater turns 19 this year. If the black box theater were a human being, it would be old enough to drive, vote, join the military and buy cigarettes. It would be giving snarky answers every time its parents asked it a question, and two-thirds of its reactions to external stimuli would be hormone-driven. 

Luckily, BCT isn't a person—it's a theater. And every year on its birthday (of sorts), it sends word about what plays it will be producing during its current season. Here's what's playing during the 2014-15 season:

Venus in Fur
By David Ives
Oct. 8-Nov. 1
An exasperated director has had it up to his nostrils with poor auditions for the role of Wanda von Dunayev in his production of a play based on the novel Venus in Furs by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. Enter Vanda Jordan, a seductive actress with an uncanny understanding of the role bent on turning the tables on the director.

Narwhal! Unicorn of the Sea
By Dwayne Blackaller and Matthew Cameron Clark
Nov. 25-Dec. 20
The authors of A Nighttime Survival Guide and The Uncanny Valley explore the mating habits of the horned narwhal aboard the DSV Lugubrious.

Fata Morgana
By Jeni Mahoney
Jan. 28-Feb. 21, 2015
On the edge of a noxious lake in the Mojave Desert, Tori and Jack built a homestead to escape a life they left behind—a life that has come back to haunt them in this thriller, featuring a murder of talking crows.

The Fisherman and his Soul
By Michael Baltzell and Michael Hartwell
April 1-25, 2015
A fisherman nets a mermaid in this Oscar Wilde-inspired fairy tale.

By Tracy Sunderland
May 13-June 6
In this site-specific performance, explore Boise through a series of vignettes.
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