Monday, October 20, 2014

Mr. Cope’s Cave: Another Good One Off to Birdland

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Wow. That was beautiful. What’s it called?

“A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square.”

Oh, yeah. I heard them say that, I think. What’s it mean?

I don’t know. Does it have to mean something?

Well if it doesn’t mean anything, why would they call it that?

First of all, I don’t know that it doesn’t mean something. But if it does, I don’t know what that would be. I don’t listen to music to find a meaning in it.

Then why are you putting that music in your blog if you have no idea what it means?

You said it yourself… it’s beautiful. That’s all it needs to be. Besides, one of the people singing in the video died Friday. Tim Hauser. He was the guy who started Manhattan Transfer and I always liked them. A lot, in fact. So I thought it would be a fitting tribute to him to spread one of their best songs around a little further.

Gosh, I’m sorry he died. But you know, most of the time when people die, the music they play is “Amazing Grace.” At least, that’s what they play at about every funeral I ever go to… “Amazing Grace.”

Yeah, well, that’s fine. I have nothing against “Amazing Grace.” But most people don’t have distinguished music careers like Tim Hauser did. I figure it makes more sense to use one of his own performances, don’t you? Besides, I’m not running a funeral here. I’m running a blog, and I can do what I want with it… which, in this case, is whatever I imagine Mr. Hauser would want. At least, if I were him, that’s what I’d want… for people to remember the music I… er, he… made. Make sense?

I guess so. But wouldn’t it be safe to throw in “Amazing Grace” too? You know… just in case?

In case of what?

In case of… well… in case there might be a law or something that says “Amazing Grace” has to be played whenever someone dies. Or in case his family wants it played because that’s what everyone else gets when they die. Or in case it’s sort of weird to play something called “A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square”… which you admit yourself you don’t know what it means. 

That’s just stupid. There’s no law saying “Amazing Grace” has to be played every time someone dies, and his family isn’t going to care I didn’t play it, even if they do see this blog… which is highly unlikely. And there’s nothing weird about “A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square.” It’s just a beautiful song. That’s all.

If you say so, Mr. Cope. But if I die, and if you do a blog about me dying, would you mind playing “Amazing Grace?” You know… just in case?

Oh, fine. Just in case you die… and just in case I do a blog about it… I’ll be sure to play “Amazing Grace.”

And Mr. Cope, when you die, and if I do a blog about you being dead, what song do you want me to play?

Whoa, jeez, that’s a tough one. Golly, let’s see… well, gosh… I’ve always liked that one "Hungarian Rhapsody" by Liszt. No. 3, I think it is. But that may be a tad long. Or there’s a tune by Earth, Wind and Fire I love more every time I hear it. Ask my wife. She’ll know which one. And I wouldn’t mind having a Dixie band there, and I wouldn’t care what tune they played, as long as they played it hot. And I like funky. Anything funky. In fact, you could play the same thing I’m going to finish this blog with.

You’re going to play another song? Two songs in one blog?

Yeah, I couldn’t decide between them, so I thought why not both? This one’s called “Birdland." It’s usually an instrumental but someone wrote lyrics to it and Manhattan Transfer got a hit out of it.

”Birdland?” That’s a little weird, if you ask me. What do the lyrics mean, anyway?

No idea. I’ve never listened to them. Now shush up, and let’s say goodbye to Mr. Hauser.

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